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Objects USA presents: The Garage Sale Nov. 15 & 16, 2013


Objects USA presents: The Garage Sale

And now for something completely different: Objects USA, an online gallery and resource for  midcentury art and design presents a $99 and under sale of modernist curios, vintage trinkets and midcentury bric-a-brac. With our own strict austerity measures in place, we invite you to dig through budget boxes of studio pottery, stacks of random drawings & paintings and piles of bargain-priced vintage gear. For one night only, and then, for one day only, join in the freewheeling commerce, confusion and deliberate standards of non-display that come with this collective midcentury modern purge.

Friday, Nov. 15th
Saturday, Nov. 16th


Ronis Fine Art
1946 Broadway, San Diego, CA 92102 
(Golden Hill-Next to Influx)


Ancient Modern: Lost Crafts of the Lemurians

(Published on the KPBS arts blog, Culture Lust, August 4, 2010) By Dave Hampton They’ve been at it for generations. Since 1941, members of the Lemurian Order have quietly practiced their beliefs and offered correspondence courses from a remote site high on the boulder-strewn slopes northeast of San Diego. A hand-wrought sign along State Route ...

Side By Side

(Published on the KPBS arts blog, Culture Lust, May 10, 2010) By Dave Hampton The six-year span from 1959 to 1964 was a breakthrough period for new art in San Diego. During this time, the Art Center in La Jolla (now Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego) under director Don Brewer began to focus its ...

The Capri Theater

(Published on the KPBS arts blog, Culture Lust, February 2, 2010) By Dave Hampton San Diego’s Park Boulevard was home to one of the city’s first mid-century modern theaters, known as The Capri. Under new (and unconventional) ownership during the mid-1950s, the Capri also became an unlikely outpost of San Diego modernism. In fact, the ...

Dada at Vroman’s

  (Published on the KPBS arts blog, Culture Lust, December 14, 2009) By Dave Hampton In the curious pantheon of obscure, local mid-century art venues, a place called Vroman’s holds a lofty position. It wasn’t a gallery. It wasn’t a museum. Vroman’s was a bookstore that gave many of the young lions of San Diego ...