ART SAN DIEGO 2012- September 6–9, 2012

James Hubbell Sculpture 1961 (Chip Morton photo)


Art Lab 03: Objects USA

For ART SAN DIEGO 2012Objects USA will present Maximum SD Vintage, a collection of works made exclusively by local painters and sculptors during the 50s and 60s. While focused on a select group of artists, such as Fred Holle, James Hubbell, Sheldon Kirby, Bob Matheny and Russell Baldwin,Maximum SD Vintage still features a diverse range of works that includes abstract expressionist paintings, hard edge constructions, and sculpture in wrought iron, wood and bronze – all of it local, all of it vintage. Curated by Dave Hampton, Maximum SD Vintage is designed to acquaint collectors with local art history by illuminating some of its most dynamic participants in a relaxed, modern setting, made complete by the furniture of Charles Eames.

Photos courtesy Darren Bradley –