The Seeger Studio 1957-1962

The Seeger Studio 1957-1962

Item: The Seeger Studio 1957–1962: Desert Modern in Scottsdale Arizona

Author: Dave Hampton

Description: The early career of Dick Seeger, influential artist, craftsman and gallerist is re-examined fifty years later. Known for his innovative approach to plastics as an art medium (often for architectural application), Seeger became an important figure in Scottsdale’s mid-century art and architecture community but until now his story has gone untold. 28 pages of vintage photographs and original documents provide a glimpse of his work, his remarkable gallery and his associates, Paolo Soleri and Lloyd Kiva New in particular. A sense of Scottsdale at the time emerges, when young lions of desert modernism like Charles Loloma, Ray Graves, Ben Goo, Kiva and Soleri first walked its streets. Dick Seeger’s work in wood and plastic is featured and images of his gallery reveal early ceramic objects by Paolo Soleri as well.

The first release in a series of art investigations by Dave Hampton.

Dimensions: 7″ x 7″

Condition: New

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