Russell Baldwin Untitled Multiple

Russell Baldwin Polychrome Multiple


Item: Untitled (Polychrome Multiple)

Designer/Maker: Russell W. Baldwin – One of San Diego’s most important midcentury artists, Baldwin studied at San Diego State during the late 50s with Everett Gee Jackson, Jean Swiggett, John Dirks, Martha Longenecker and Ilse Ruocco. He explored many forms of expression: painting, sculpture, drawing, ceramics and various constructed art forms and was a member of the San Diego Art Guild, the Allied Craftsmen and the Contemporary Arts Committee of the Fine Arts Society. Some of his first one-man exhibitions took place in La Jolla at the Jefferson Gallery in 1964 and the La Jolla Museum of Art in 1965. He wrote his master’s thesis on sand-casting for sculpture during this period, but quickly moved on to hard-edge constructions and polychrome mixed-media works of sculpture that were exhibited in La Jolla and in his 1966 one-man exhibit at the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. Russell Baldwin was one of San Diego’s earliest pioneers of conceptual art, working alongside fellow artist-teachers Bob Matheny and John Baldessari, who taught at Southwestern College and UCSD while Baldwin taught at Palomar College. There, he established the Boehm Gallery and taught in the art department for many years.

Description: Painted and constructed wall hanging sculpture made with a strip of mirrored glass and found materials. Made in 1966 as a small edition of identical “multiples,” this being number 6 out of 10. The use of bright, sprayed color, mirrors and found materials are characteristic of Russell Baldwin’s interests at the time of his La Jolla Museum of Art and his Santa Barbara Museum of Art one-man shows. Signed, numbered and dated by Russell Baldwin. Retains original La Jolla, California, Jefferson Gallery label.

Dimensions: 6-5/16″ x 12″ x 1.5″

Condition: Very good

Price: $475

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