Pouring Metal in the South Bay

Pouring Metal in the South Bay

Item: Pouring Metal in the South Bay

Author: Dave Hampton

Description: The San Francisco Bay Area was heralded as the “epicenter” of an artist-foundry movement that swept the U.S. during the early 1960s. At San Jose State, a group of graduate students became the first in that area to build their own cooperative/communal studio-foundries and master the process of casting in bronze and other metals. Pouring molten metal became another element of creative expression under the artists’ control. Holt Murray, Daryle Webb, Peter Teneau, Richard Mills, Stephen Daly and Thomas Lynn made everything from jewelry and furniture to large-scale figurative sculpture and architectural elements over the course of an historic decade. They contributed to a nationwide reinterpretation of art casting and the distinction between art and craft in general. Pouring Metal in the South Bay (Art Investigations Vol 2, by Dave Hampton of ObjectsUSA) shares their story for the first time with amazing period photographs. 80 pages.

Dimensions: 7″ X 7″

Condition: New

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