Phyllis Wallen Enamel Plaque

Phyllis Wallen Enamel on Copper Plaque


Item: Harlequin Flower

Designer/Maker: Phyllis Wallen – Known for her long tenure in San Diego’s Allied Craftsmen, she was one of the area’s most-recognized enamellists, a member of the San Diego Art Guild and later, the Enamel Guild in Spanish Village. Wallen joined the Allied Craftsmen with her husband, Fennel, becoming the 19th member in the early 1950′s. Although her background was in painting, she began to exhibit mobiles with the A.C., but progressed through a variety of media including mosaic, paper sculpture, felt banners and eventually enamel on copper. Inspired by an evening demonstration given by her friend Barney Reid, she took up enamel as an art form and developed her own singular techniques. By 1969 she worked primarily in enamels (often combined with macramé). She studied art at San Diego State College, U.S.C., Chouinard, and the Schaeffer School of Design.

Description: An enamel on copper plaque with a striking abstract design in red, pink and purple.  Mounted on the original wood frame.  Signed P.W. on the enamel with original labels on the back.  Dated 1984.

Dimensions: 8” X 9” h

Condition: Excellent

Price: SOLD

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