Myrna Nobile Sculpture

Myrna_Nobile_Sculpture 2

Item: Untitled Bronze and Enamel Sculpture

Artist: Myrna Nobile – 20th Century American Sculptor

A unique voice in the 1960s San Diego contemporary art scene, Myrna Nobile received her M.A. and B.A. degrees from San Diego State College where she studied with John Dirks and Jack Rogers Hopkins, among others. Her body of work in cast bronze and aluminum, executed from 1965 – 1970, was well received in the area. She was an active member of the San Diego Art Guild, won several top awards at the Southern California Exposition at Del Mar. She worked intimately with small-scale local foundries located to produce her sculpture. Nobile also traveled to Italy where she was allowed to work in the Tommasi Foundry, where Jacques Lipchitz had worked in the early 1960s. Her sculpture was exhibited in the La Jolla Museum of Art and at Orr’s Gallery and she taught sculpture at the University of San Diego. Early in the 1970s Nobile began to work primarily with found objects and assemblage. Her works in aluminum, bronze, and enameled bronze reflect her late 1960s practice.

Description: An ecclesiastical modern form, which shifts from an abstract figure when viewed from the front to an arched stained glass window from the back, this work was cast in bronze and then enameled and mounted on a solid mahogany base. Nobile was particularly pleased with this combination since it was very uncommon to enamel on bronze at the time. This technique allowed her to sparingly add the color and texture of glass to the otherwise rugged surface of the bronze. Signed.

Dimensions: 4 X 5 X 15 inches high (including base)

Condition: Very good

Price: $1600

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