Media Survey 73 – Craft Exhibition Catalog

Media Survey 73 - Craft Exhibition Catalog

Item: Media Survey 73 – 1973 Exhibition Catalog

Author: Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego (SDMA). Introduction by Ronald D. Hickman

Description: Portfolio style catalog to accompany Media Survey 73: An Invitational Exhibition of California Craftsmen. Fine Arts Gallery of San Diego, April 14 – May 27, 1973. Complete 8 page checklist bound in along with 11 loose black and white images – these include works by Marvin Lipofsky, Harrison McIntosh, Ruth Tamura, Michael Arntz and John Gaughan. Many top San Diego craftspeople were invited participants, such as Joan Austin, Barbara & Wayne Chapman, Marianne Childress, Arline Fisch, Jack Hopkins, Hames Hubbell, Lawrence Hunter, Rhoda Lopez, Joe Nyiri, Toza Radakovich, Leon Roloff and more.

Dimensions: 8.5″ x 11″

Condition: Very good with tiny sticker on front cover

Price: $50

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