Dick Seeger Acrylic Sculptures

Dick Seeger Acrylic Sculptures

Set of Two Acrylic Sculptures

Artist/Designer: Dick Seeger – an innovative artist who settled in Scottsdale, AZ. in the late 1950s and developed his own unique form of art in plastics. His work was rooted in a background of woodcarving (he learned that the same tools could also be used to cut acrylic) and art education, but became much more than that after a lengthy period of experimentation with chemical adhesion techniques and polyester resin.

Description: Two acrylic objects with a similar colorful motif but finished differently; one is polished and rounded, becoming clear in the process, the other is opaque and has the texture left from the cutting of the thick acrylic sheet.

Dimensions: 2” diam, 1½” h

Condition: Excellent

Price: SOLD

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